Your payment options

Please note: All visa services are to be paid in advance.

  • Cash payment
    It is not possible to return any change.


  • Pay by E-Banking (plus a fee of CHF 2.-)
    Banking details
Zuger Kantonalbank, 6300 Zug
IBAN: CH13 0078 7007 7156 0490 4
BLZ / Clearing: 00787
Postkonto: 80-192-9
Kontoinhaber: bornpower gmbh, 6331 Hünenberg


    • Pay by credit card(plus a fee of CHF 5.-)
      Please check the amount on the information sheet of each country.


  • Pay per invoice (plus a fee of CHF 15.-)
    For companies only. The period allowed for payment is 30 days.